Top 3 Low Carb Diet Problems (and How to Fix Them)


Bodily functions are rarely associated with bunnies and rainbows, so if you’re in the least bit squeamish, I’d advise you to go here and never ever return to this blog post.

As with any diet, if you don’t keep it balanced, there will be side effects. Outlined below are 3 of the most common Low Carb complaints and their remedies.

1. Constipation

Well, I may as well get stuck in with the most disgusting side effect.

Constipation on a low carb diet is seen by some as an inevitability (especially by those people who say – “Ohhhh, you’re on THAT diet”), and it does happen from time to time.

There are a number of different ways to ensure everything keeps flowing smoothly:

  • Increase dietary fiber with leafy greens such as spinach and lettuce
  • Almonds - a couple of handfuls a day will unclog the plumbing (1.7g net carbs per 25g serving)
  • Coconut Oil – lube those tubes!
  • Probiotics – those billions of bacteria in a bottle can help your digestive system flourish and push things forward
  • Take Magnesium supplements
  • Take Psyllium husk supplements
  • Make sure you’re getting enough water

Be warned, don’t try them all at once – or do, and post the video of the aftermath on YouTube for the rest of the world to enjoy. Just remember to hold on to your ankles, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

2. Body Odor

YOU SMELL! Ahh, if only we could go back to the care-free days of being children where honesty prevails in such simplicity.

Often you need a third party perspective on whether you smell or not, but for some people who are on low carb diets, the body odor question doesn’t require another persons nose.

Here are some quick and effective methods to alleviate your BO:

  • Use alcohol wipes on your smelly areas
  • Shower with unscented soaps and gels
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use an anti perspirant rather than a normal deodorant which simply tries to mask the smell
  • Speak to your doctor about getting a prescription anti-perspirant such as Drysol (it’ll basically stop you sweating where you apply it – be warned though, read up about the side effects)

By the way, the body odor is caused by your body being in ketosis (burning your fat stores as fuel) so it’s actually a good indicator that your low carb diet is working.

3. Bad Breath

Now, I’ve never experienced this one myself (hang on a minute, does that mean I just admitted to having dabbled in the previous two problems?!) but apparantly it can happen. One person colorfully described “keto” breath as “farts, sewage … [and] the garbage disposal on our sink”. Nice.

The cause of bad breath on low carb diets is being in a state of ketosis – i.e. burning your fat stores. Ketones get released on your breath, skin and in your urine.

If you are in a high level of ketosis, then your bad breath may be much more noticeable.



So what can you do to stop giving people sucker punches every time you open your trap?

  • Drink more water (and swish/gargle) – it will dilute the amount of ketones
  • Try a  long lasting mouth wash – I’ve been told this one works well for ketone breath
  • Chew some fresh parsely
  • Take a probiotic supplement (those little bacteria are coming in handy!) – sometimes bad breath is a sign of of oral thrush/candida

If the bad breath is bothering you (and probably more likely, those around you) try slightly increasing your carb intake to slightly reduce the amount of ketones your are producing. Be careful not to knock yourself out of ketosis though!

Share Your Tips

Alright smarty pants – think you’ve got some tips which I’ve missed? Leave a comment, go on I double dare you.

Or just tell me how much I smell – but be warned, playground rules will be enacted.

Lastly, this blog is brand new and I’d really appreciate your help spreading the word!

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4 Responses to “Top 3 Low Carb Diet Problems (and How to Fix Them)”

  1. No, YOU SMELL! Just kidding buddy, great article :)

    • I’m telling :(

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      • scotty
  2. Excellent post, but why unscented soaps and gels to prevent BO? Surely the scent will only help mask the keto-ey aroma?

    • Good question – my intention was to imply that anti bacterial soap would be better, but there’s definitely no reason why you can’t enjoy both

      • scotty

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