5 Essential Videos For Low Carb Dieters (and Everyone Else)


It’s Friday – time to kick back, relax, throw a Meatza Pizza in the oven and watch some great documentaries and lectures about low carb diets.

I’ll start with my top pick and work my way down:

1. The Food Revolution (2011)

Run Time: 54 mins. This lecture by Dr. Eenfeldt about nutrition was brought to my attention yesterday by a thread in the Keto community on Reddit (I’d highly recommend joining this community) - it’s great to see new material like this appearing which is to the point and logical.


2. Gary Taubes Lecture At Google (Authors@Google)

Run Time: 1 hour 27 mins. Gary Taubes, author of the tome “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and the more popular (and more readable) “Why We Get Fat, and What To Do About It” gives an insightful lecture about his journey and the science behind discovering the truth behind diet and nutrition.

3. Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They’re Good for You

Run Time: 53 mins. An interesting lecture by Dr. Miller who is a professor of surgery at the University of Washington in their Cardiothoracic Division.

4. The Trouble with Fructose: a Darwinian Perspective

While not as focused on a low carb diet as the previous videos, this one dives into the world of fructose and discusses the links between rising rates of obesity, diabetes and a whole host of other negative health side effects and the consumption of fructose. If you’d like to read further on the topic of what we have evolved to eat, I’d recommend having a look at An Edible History of Humanity by Tom Standage.

Apologies for the Vimeo video below – no YouTube alternative was available.

5. Fat Head

Run Time: 1 hour 44 mins. Directed and produced by Tom Naughton in what I can only call a mockumentary of the famous “Super Size Me“.

I was in two minds whether to include this one – it’s a bit childish at times and a lot of it is just mindless drivel and character assassination. Having said that – skip to the 40 minute mark where the documentary should have started and you’ll discover some useful information.

Note: Only the trailer below is available and I’m not going to suggest that you do a Google search for “watch fat head online”

Alternatively, you can watch a talk which discusses Fat Head and gets the same point across (Run Time: approx 1 hour):


Bonus Video: Why We Get Fat

Run Time: Approx. 1 hour 40 mins. Gary Taubes is a name we hear all the time when talking about Low Carb Diets and he’s produced some great lectures, but I wanted to provided a broader scope in my top 5. This second lecture by Gary is another excellent introduction:


Something I’ve Missed?

If there is a great video that I’ve missed off, leave a comment!

3 Responses to “5 Essential Videos For Low Carb Dieters (and Everyone Else)”

  1. Bit surprised not to see Robert Lustig’s lecture on sugar!

    • I’ll keep that one in mind for the next list :)

      • scotty
  2. Thanks for the links – I’ve seen most of those, but there’s a couple I hadn’t seen yet. I do disagree with your comments about Fathead. I think Spurlock did a lot to deceive the public when he made his movie, and Tom is pointing that out in his typical humorous style. But I’ve found that out about LCHF diets – no two people agree about the finer points of anything, and that’s how I’ve learned so much about what works for me, and what doesn’t. :)) Keep up the good work! I enjoy your posts quite a bit!


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