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5 Delicious Low Carb Meal Ideas for Summer

It’s no secret that the true key to losing weight is to cut the carbs out of your diet. If you want to show off a beach body this summer, here are five great recipes for your low carb diet plan that can take you from “flab to fab” in no time flat.

Fennel Salad

Cut …

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Destroying Low Carb Acronyms (DLCA)

If you’ve ever dealt with marketing departments you’ll know the pain that blue sky thinking and dynamic focus can bring to any conversation.

More and more I’m seeing acronyms and buzz phrases creep into the low carbohydrate diet communities.

In my opinion, they are extremely negative – …

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Forget Low Carb, It’s All About The Tape Worms

It’s Saturday, Wales are out of the Rugby World Cup, and I’m in need of a smile so I thought I’d throw together a more light hearted post for a change.

Let’s face it, our ancestors didn’t always get it right when it came to scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, and diet advice was just as susceptible as any …

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4 Must Read Low Carb Diet Blogs

There are a huge number of diet blogs out there, but low carb diet blogs seem to be under-represented.

So here’s a run down of the top 4 low carb blogs – if you haven’t heard of them before, you’ve been missing out on some great information and entertainment!
1. Get Scientific with the Diet Doctor…

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5 Beginner Essentials for Low Carb Dieters

This article is aimed at beginners who are just starting out on low carb diets, so if you are an old hand you can probably hit the back button and carry on your merry may!

Although, who knows, there might be something of use for you in here also.
1. Knowledge
If you jump straight into a low …

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5 Essential Videos For Low Carb Dieters (and Everyone Else)

It’s Friday – time to kick back, relax, throw a Meatza Pizza in the oven and watch some great documentaries and lectures about low carb diets.

I’ll start with my top pick and work my way down:

1. The Food Revolution …

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Top 3 Low Carb Diet Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Bodily functions are rarely associated with bunnies and rainbows, so if you’re in the least bit squeamish, I’d advise you to go here and never ever return to this blog post.

As with any diet, if you don’t keep it balanced, there will be side effects. Outlined below are 3 of the most common Low …

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Is Your Healthy Diet Killing You?

If I told you that the healthy food you prepare will lead to obesity, diabetes and cancer, would you believe me?

How about if I said that some of the government guidelines used to describe a healthy diet have been proven to be incorrect?

Join me as we go down the rabbit hole and explore recent scientific studies …

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7 Low Carb Secrets to Losing Weight on Holiday

Let’s face it, when we go on holiday we tend to indulge and try new things – especially food.

That restaurant dish that looks deliciously low carb might have a sauce which is full of sugar – so how do we stay on track?

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks in Hong Kong where rice, noodles and …

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