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Carbs in Tesco Finest Sicilian Cherry Tomato And Basil Focaccia

100g contains: 41.9g carbs

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Carbohydrate Information

A single serving of Tesco Finest Sicilian Cherry Tomato And Basil Focaccia is considered very high in carbohydrates if you are following a low carb or keto diet. Each focaccia (typically 50g) contains: 21.0g Carbohydrates and 2.1g Fiber.

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Preparation Information

MicrowaveStep650 Watt750 Watt850 WattMicrowave From FrozenStep650 Watt750 Watt850 WattOvenTemperature: 400FGas 6200CTime: 5 - 7 minutesInstructions: Remove all packaging. Place on a baking tray in the centre of a pre-heated oven for 5 -7 minutes. Serve warm Do not reheatCooking PrecautionsAdjust times according to your particular oven. (For fan assisted ovens heating times should be reduced. For best results refer to manufacturer's handbook.) All appliances vary these are guidelines only.Standard Frozen GuidelinesNoFreezing GuidelinesFreeze on day of purchase. Use within one month. For freezing guidelines refer to freezer manufacturer's handbook.DefrostingDefrost thoroughly for a minimum of 2 hours in a cool dry place. Follow the preparation guidelines opposite IMPORTANT: If food has thawed do not refreeze.

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place and once opened in an airtight container. Onceopened consume within 24 hours.

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Tesco Finest Sicilian Cherry Tomato And Basil Focaccia
Nutrition Facts Serving Size Each focaccia (typically 50g) contains
Amount Per Serving
Energy 540kJ (130kcal)
Total Fat 3.1g
Saturated Fat 0.4g
Sodium 0.2g
Salt Equivalent 0.6g
Total Carbohydrate 21.0g
Sugars 2.0g
Dietary Fiber 2.1g
Protein 3.8g

Please note: carbohydrate values are shown using the UK methodology - total carbohydrates is equivalent to the US "net carbs" figure. UK carb totals already account for fiber.

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