Scott’s Low Carb Jelly Mess

0.42g net carbs per serving
Scott’s Low Carb Jelly Mess


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Carbohydrate Information

0.42g net carbs per serving
Please note, carb values will vary depending on the ingredients you use and their quantities.

Preparation Time

5 minutes


Serves 4 people



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There’s no hiding the fact that this dessert looks disgusting, but it tastes delicious and contains virtually no carbs – perfect for appeasing your sweet tooth.



  • Follow directions on jelly, wait for it to set
  • Dice rhubarb and steam until cooked (soft to the touch)
  • Pour rhubarb into jelly, add cream and mix together
  • MUNCH!

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  1. I do this but I like to mix in stuff when the jelly is cold but not set, then put it back in the fridge to fully set.


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